Orthodontic Terms

These wires move your teeth. They are changed throughout your treatment. With each change, you are closer to the ideal tooth position.
Brackets are also known as braces. They are bonded directly to the tooth surface. The brackets are the part of your braces to which the assistant will attach the archwire.
Little rubber rings used to attach the archwire to the brackets. These come in a wide variety of colors. These are changed at every adjustment to maintain good attachment of the archwire to the bracket.
A rubber ring which is used to create space between your teeth for bands.
Metal bands that are often placed on the back molars and are used to anchor other orthodontic appliances.
The process of attaching brackets to your teeth using a special safe adhesive.
The process of cementing orthodontic bands to your teeth.
A stretchable rubber chain used to hold archwires into brackets and to move teeth.
The first step in making a model of your teeth. You bite into a container filled with a rubber-type material. That material hardens to produce a mold of your teeth.
During different phases of treatment, small elastic or rubber bands are used as a gentle but continuous force to help individual tooth movement or the aligning of jaws.

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